Importance Of Social Media For Business

Importance Of Social Media For Business

Do you know that social media has a 100% higher lead to close rate and that companies, no matter what they sell, use social networks to help grow their brands? We now have one-third of the world using social networks on a regular basis. It is a missed opportunity for such business who decide not to use social networks as it has become a buzz word these days. The ability to brand your company using the great tool of social media is essential for any brand. Here are a few reasons why:

Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty : What you do when you hear a brand name? You look for it on the social media to see if it exists on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat? If they do not have any social media following or lack in following, it is likely that the online user is going to have a lower trust for the brand for its lack of transparency on social media. It is a fact that consumers now judge a brand based on the appearance they have maintained on social media. With a profound presence on social media, get your account verified to let your customers trust you. On Facebook and Twitter, you need to follow few steps to get your page verified, but Instagram just offers this to some of the top brands out there and not for the new ones.

Social Media Helps You Gain Insight Into Your Customers : Nothing seems to be more convenient than knowing your customers through social media. It is the most convenient way to know about your customers and their interests. Within your accounts insights, one can find out all sort of relevant information about the potential customers. Information such as what time they are most active and what their interests are serves the best in making a brand’s business grow.

Social Media Allows You Make A Business Plan : With insights about your customers, brands can plan their social and marketing activities accordingly. With this you can create personas to help yo pick out your different vital consumers and how their consumer journeys and habits may differ.

Social Media Can Drive Traffic And Get Good Conversions : Brands for women are doing it well on the social media. Social media today is a key driver of traffic and conversions for many brands. Since it works all on digital platforms, it is easy for you to put your products on display, in order for the customers to look at the product and get directed to the site and buy the item online.

How to Do It with Ease: On Facebook, create product tags so every time you post a product in an image, you can tag it with the product details. On Instagram,you have to add links with each post you do. However, with adding hashtags, you can reach a good number of users.

Tip 1: Launch your businesses’ app to make the consumer shopping experience smoother.

Tip 2: Along with organic methods of driving traffic, add-on social media advertising and paid marketing to get better reach and traffic.

Helps You Build Your Relationships : Communicating with your customers means you can get to know them better, understand what they respond to, what they do not and find out what they want from you. You can also return to those who are talking about your brands, like bloggers and social forums. Understanding your customers and interacting with them help brands build relationships and bring a positive light to your business.

Wrapping Up : Get hands-on social media and communicate with your customers. It is the trend of active sessions these days than long lengthy emails and phone calls.  Consumers no longer like the lengthy process of customer service emails and phone calls; they want answers fast – that is why they jump to social media.


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