Whether you’re just starting as a small business owner or nonprofit leader, or you have years of experience and would like some guidance on your next move, we have what you need to know to build and grow a successful, self-sustaining business. Each downloadable presentation was designed with you in mind–your frequently asked questions and concerns. These presentations are often used as part of our Business Development Series, but not to worry, even if you’ve missed a workshop, you can still get all the content here. Let our years of experience help you move from idea to execution.


Moving From Here To There: Starting Your Business The Right Way! 
P.E.R.K. works closely with every client to align resources and ideas for a good start and firm foundation. In this insightful guide, P.E.R.K. Founder, Andrena Sawyer, helps entrepreneurs and leaders identify practical steps for creating a strategy for execution that works! With engaging examples, an outline of a strategic plan, and do-it-yourself pages, readers will receive concrete insights to help them start the right way.


Fundraising 101: Sponsorships and Other Creative Ways to Raise Money For Your Organization 
Learn the finer points of fundraising, while exploring creative ways to raise funds for nonprofits and start-ups. In this manual, the topics covered include: the importance of a nonprofit status, program development, identifying goals and developing systems for outcome, program evaluations, and writing letters of inquiry. 


Strategic Planning Made Easy 
You’ve started a business, now what? Our Strategic Planning Made Easy is designed to help readers figure out their next steps to success. This manual will teach entrepreneurs, nonprofit and business leaders effective methods for operating their businesses, and how to maximize resources to succeed in their endeavors. Readers will identify and align the necessary resources to reach their company’s goals, learn how to create an accountability system using the S.M.A.R.T. method, and recognize opportunities for moving from idea to execution.


Proposal Writing 101 
80% of new business fail within the first three years. This manual will help you learn how to move your business to the 20% that succeeds. Readers will learn the components of a competitive proposal, a grantmaker’s process and criteria for funding decisions, how to gather the information needed to create a complete project or grant proposal, and how to identify “red flags” or flaring errors in proposals. Readers will also take a look at the most common tips from funders to proposal writers. This manual is intended for nonprofit leaders that want to hone their proposal writing skills, students interested in gaining knowledge about the nonprofit sector and fundraising, and volunteers who want to help their organizations with tangible fundraising and technical writing skills.