Workshops & Trainings

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P.E.R.K. stands on its core values of passion, experience, relevance and knowledge, to provide presentations, resources and trainings for your organization, staff, volunteers and constituents.

Small Business & Nonprofit Trainings

Whether your organization is at its inception stage, or you are in need of guidance for implementing ideas, we can help you. Our trainings and workshops are designed to provide the tips and tools that your organization needs to go from idea to execution. Current training topics include nonprofit & for-profit business registration, strategic planning, volunteer & staff training, and board & leadership development.

Monthly Business Development Series

Our Business Development Series features workshops to help your business or nonprofit become focused and to plan your next steps to success. The series is designed for entrepreneurs, nonprofit & business leaders to teach them effective methods for operating their businesses; for connecting with other like-minded individuals in a supportive environment; and for helping them gain the tools to succeed with their business endeavors. The following workshops are offered on a quarterly basis. For a full list and to register for an event, check out our Upcoming Events page.

Strategic Planning 
Learn how to move from ideas to execution by identifying and align the necessary resources to reach your company’s goals, and creating an accountability system using the S.M.A.R.T. method for reaching goals.

Proposal Writing 
Learn the basics of effective proposal writing, including the do’s and dont’s, and the key to what funders really want to see.

QuickBooks Training 
A comprehensive workshop for small business and nonprofit accounting. Learn the basics of using QuickBooks for cash management, bank reconciliation, financial reporting and more.

Social Media Masterclass 
Learn how to utilize social marketing tools and techniques to generate new business, maintain customer engagement, and make your organization profitable.

2017 Startup Acclerator Series

Thinking of starting a business? Not sure how to take your existing idea to the next level? Join us for our monthly Startup Accelerator Workshop. Topics covered include strategic planning and goal-setting, funding for your business, social media marketing, and more. Learn more. 

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