2015 Embracing YOU Conference Schedule & Workshops

Saturday, October 3rd | 301 St. Lawrence Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20705 | 9:00am-3:30pm

Participants at this year’s conference can choose to attend any of the following workshops throughout the day. Join the social media conversation prior to, and on the day of the conference by using the hashtag #eywc15 or #EmbracingYOU

2014 Embracing YOU Women's Conference 2014 Embracing YOU Women's Conference2014 Embracing YOU Women's Conference

9:00am- Registration & Breakfast 

9:45am- Welcome & Keynote 

Scheduled Workshops*:

“Want to Change Your Life? Change Your Story”– Christina Eanes
Frustrated at work? Frustrated at home? You’d be happy if only…. you got promoted, had more money, lived in that bigger house in a better neighborhood, etc. Many of us suffer from the I’ll Be Happy When (IBHW) Syndrome. We don’t realize that we can literally change our life by changing our mindset. Former FBI Managers Denise Minor and Christina Eanes will guide you through understanding how our subconscious programming can lead to suffering from IBHW and how to overcome it by retraining your brain. You will be left with key strategies to help you consciously choose how you want to experience every moment of every day.

Optimize Your Decision Making to Maximize Your Health AmiCietta Clarke
Every single decision that we make either promotes health or promotes disease. This workshop will teach and empower women to make better decisions in three key areas of their lives. Participants will learn that they have much more control over their health than they realize.
Presenter will share the story of how she overcame a rare autoimmune disease which causes muscle weakness, by changing her diet and lifestyle.

“I am More than a Relationship Status: a Conversation on Embracing Wholeness” Khristi Adams
The workshop would be a book talk and open discussion related to “The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness”. “The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness” is a book written by Khristi Adams where she offers up a cultural critique of myths surrounding singleness in the Christian community. Khristi describes the misinterpreted gospel of singleness as; “a negative message- oftentimes unintentional- communicated to individuals over a period of time that causes them to adopt unhealthy views of self and relationships.” Each chapter analyzes a different myth, includes authentic, emotional & personal stories and offers up positive alternatives. The book is not anti-marriage, but instead a celebration of singleness in the same way that our culture celebrates the beauty of marriage.

“Taking the Big Leap…Leading the Life You Want by Leaving Your Comfort Zone” Paula Anderson
Sometimes in life we look at other people and often wonder “how did they get here?”, “I wish my life could look more like theirs.” or “I want to pursue my dreams but I don’t know how.”  We spend a lot of time looking, wishing and wondering but something holds us back from taking the steps to creating the life YOU were meant to live.  In this talk, the presenter will share her personal journey into taking the big leap and leaving her life of comfort to pursue the life she knew she was destined for her.  You will learn what it takes to leave your comfort zone in order to pursue your dream and passions.  You will also learn the necessary steps it takes to stay there and not go back!

12:00pm- Lunch
Free Chiropractic Screenings by Sims Chiropractic Center 
Financial Management by TransAmerica Financial Advisors, Inc. 

“How to Hack a Dream” Shakirah A. Hill
How to Hack a Dream will provide conference attendees with practical directions for overcoming their fears and working towards achieving their goals.

“Breaking the Chains and Resetting our Life” Roberta Speight
The presentation will give 6 stumbling blocks to remove for a better life, to help individuals to let go of their past and to be able to move forward into a positive and healthier lifestyle. Individuals will learn the following: What are trigger signs – people, places, and things, When to let go and move forward – How to change the thought process.

General Session (2:00pm-2:30pm) 
“Women & Leadership: Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling”– Andrena Sawyer
Join other like-minded ladies for a workshop designed to inspire you to pursue your goals by enhancing your self-esteem and developing crucial self-management skills. Topics covered include:
1. Living…on Purpose (Get tips on discovering your life’s purpose and creating a life map for following it.)
2. Let’s Talk About Self-Esteem
(Learn about the various components of self-esteem and how it is directly linked to other areas of life, including: career and life goals.)
3. Life Skills (Learn more about how to develop good problem solving, communication and self-management skills).

Closing Ceremony


*Speakers and workshops subject to change